Coconuts Caribbean Beach Bar & Grill | Promo Video

What is Coconuts?

Coconuts Caribbean Bar & Grill is located on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. It is the ideal weekend party spot for adults (and family spot during the week/weekend pending your area!).

This Lake of the Ozarks Missouri hotspot is a must for adults looking to let loose and have some fun! Coconuts has a live DJ, a swim up bar, and a variety of pool/drinking games that’s ideal for a fun night! TS Media Group utilized digital video to show off just how entertaining Coconuts is, especially when the party starts!

How TS Media Group Helped?

We worked with Coconuts to create a high-quality digital video to capture the vibe and share the atmosphere. TS Media Group captured the nightlife at Coconuts along with the personalities of the bartenders.

We focused our shots on emphasizing the nightlife, focusing on capturing the music, the dancing, the pool party, and more. Through the use of slow-motion video and enticing audio, we were able to capture the essence of what to expect during a fun weekend at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Visitors can enjoy Coconuts’s pool, drinks, live DJ, and rave-like atmosphere!

Additionally, we wanted to focus our video production on not only the guests having a blast but also the staff! So, we opted to show some clips of the bartenders dancing and singing with the crowd. It was important to Coconuts that those watching the video understand that they’re all about fun and entertainment. The swim up bar is considered one of the key features at Coconuts so we homed in on that feature by showing the guests enjoying drinks and interacting with the bartenders!

Our goal was to focus the video production at Coconuts towards adults looking for a place to escape the chaos that life sometimes brings. Coconuts provides an environment to let loose, party, and have some fun!

Why is Digital Video Important in Marketing?

Digital video marketing provides an element that traditional marketing doesn’t supply. With traditional marketing, potential customers are primarily reading reviews, website bios, and getting word of mouth recommendations. It can be difficult to feel the experience of an attraction like Coconuts simply through words, or even photographs. Photographs are still images, so they only show one snapshot in time, and words…well they’re up to the interpretation of the reader.

Digital video provides a clear picture of what guests will get if they visit Coconuts Caribbean Bar & Grill at the Lake of the Ozarks. Video promotes the atmosphere and a felling, and that’s what people want to experience! Cinematic video that tells a story is the best way to share a vibe and experience, regardless of your industry, product, or project!

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