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Handshakes4U reached out to TS Media Group with an idea for a website explainer video. Handshakes is a robust social community, and was looking for a way to describe the platform with an all-in-one digital video to go on the homepage of the Handshakes website. After discussing the requirements, TS Media Group determined that a 45-second animated explainer with a professional voiceover was the best solution.

The video grabbed user’s attention with entertaining elements while also increasing retention with multiple layers of educational content easily viewable in the form of a digital video. 

What is Handshakes4U?

Handshakes4U is a new social community with an innovative affiliates/points program where users can earn valuable rewards by referring friends and being active in the Handshakes4U community.Features include groups, pages, blogs, marketplace, video conferencing, and sortable news feed. Handshakes4U is completely free to use.

Determining the Best Solution

Handshakes4U was in need of a website landing page video to grab users’ attention and succinctly explain everything necessary to know about using the social community. Most animated explainer videos are 30 or 60 seconds long. For this project, however, we opted for 45 seconds in order to leave 15 seconds at the end of the video for interchangeable testimonials and reviews of Handshakes4U.

Why We Chose Animation

Handshakes4U is an online platform with a large and evolving list of features. With that in mind, we determined that a custom-designed, animated video would be the most visually appealing way to showcase the platform, compared to most website explainers that cut and trim screen recordings taken from the live website (which is continuously changing). 

Animation also gives TS Media Group much more customizability — we can create characters, dialogue, and various visual elements. We also recreated the appearance of the “My Profile” page from Handshakes4U with animated graphics to show the same basic structure without revealing any real personal information. Then, we individually highlighted each of the platform’s most popular features. The animation ended with a call to action to visit the Handshakes4U social community. All digital resources needed for this animation were produced remotely, making for an outstanding return on investment.

Project Duration

From start to finish, the animated Handshakes4U explainer video project was to the client in 10 days. At TS Media Group, we understand the importance of delivering on schedule, and we will always prioritize and execute on agreed-upon deadlines.

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